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Why Kevan Whipple is Your Best Realtor for Utah Luxury Homes

1. First and foremost, the best real estate agents recognize the difference.  Luxury homes are simply amazing.  Best features, best neighborhoods, updated, newer, cleaner… where you want to live and vacation.  From Park City, Salt Lake City, Utah County to Saint George, there is certainly an amazing location to look for a luxury property.

2. Best realtors recognize it is a completely different buying experience.  Because of their pricing, Utah luxury homes for sale appeal to limited buyers.  This minimizes the buying frenzies and high pressure sales.

3. Investment savvy real estate agents know that because these homes can sit on the market for a time, sellers frequently drop prices, creating multiple opportunities for bargains and deals, especially with the help of a skilled negotiator.

4. Experienced real estate investors know that there are countless bargains and deals available in the Utah luxury home market.

    • Underpricing.  For example, sellers base the value only on square footage and location alone (not increasing value for very expensive features and finishes). 
    • “Confused markets” where similar homes with similar features can literally be priced millions of dollars apart. 
    • Quick sales.  Owners want to liquidate their cash, so they sell below market value

5. Because they are worth their knowledge and guidance, the best real estate agents can help you recognize those special homes that may not be discounted, but are worth every penny in value, features and location.  For example, the curated list found on Utah Mansion.

6. Best realtors also know how to help you upgrade.  Many people do not realize that with the equity in their current home, they have enough to sell an average property and instead buy an incredible property. 

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